Aspect Ratio in MidJourney V6

Aspect ratio plays a crucial role in shaping the appearance of images generated in MidJourney V6. This article aims to dive into the concept of aspect ratio and its significance within the MidJourney V6 platform.

What is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio is defined by two numbers separated by a colon. The first number represents the width ratio, while the second denotes the height ratio. For example, a ratio of two to one signifies that the image will be twice as wide as it is tall.

Default Aspect Ratio:

In MidJourney V6, the default aspect ratio stands at one to one. This means that the height and width of the image are equal.

For example, if an image is generated with a width of 1024 pixels, it will also have a height of 1024 pixels.

How to Remix Images in MidJourney V6

Changing the Aspect Ratio:

To modify the aspect ratio in MidJourney V6, users can employ a simple technique. By appending “–ar” followed by the desired aspect ratio to their prompts, they can achieve the desired dimensions.

For example, to create an image with a two-to-three aspect ratio, the command would be “/imagine Prompt cute Panda Samurai logo –AR 2:3.”

Limitations in Different Versions:

It’s important to note that different versions of MidJourney have varying capabilities regarding aspect ratios.

While versions v5 and v5.1 can accommodate any aspect ratio, version 4 is limited to ratios of up to 2:1 or 1:2.

Choosing the Right Aspect Ratio:

Selecting the appropriate aspect ratio depends on the intended application.

While the default one-to-one ratio is uncommon in merchandise, ratios such as two to three or three to two are popular for prints and frames.

Additionally, ratios like five to four and four to five are commonly used for phones and TV screens.

Considerations for Various Devices:

Aspect ratio considerations extend to different devices such as monitors and phones.

While a 16:9 ratio is prevalent for monitors, phone screens may vary significantly.

For example, the iPhone 14 screen boasts a 19.5-to-9 ratio.

Therefore, it’s essential to verify that the chosen aspect ratio aligns with the requirements of the intended device.


In conclusion, understanding aspect ratio is fundamental for generating visually appealing images in MidJourney V6. By grasping the concept and making informed choices regarding aspect ratios, users can ensure that their creations meet the specifications of their desired applications.

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