MidJourney V6 vs Leonardo AI (Ultimate Comparison)

In today’s exploration, we embark on a head-to-head comparison between MidJourney V6 and Leonardo AI. This showdown aims to determine which platform excels across common use cases, such as image-to-image creation, logo generation, and the ability to produce consistent characters.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each, empowering you to make an informed choice for your next project.

Basic Prompt Test

Let’s kick things off with a basic prompt test. We’ll use a reference image of the Grand Canyon to assess how well Leonardo and Mid Journey can generate similar images.

Starting with Leonardo, the process involves logging in to the website and crafting a prompt to recreate the reference image. Unfortunately, Leonardo falls a bit short in accurately capturing the essence of the Grand Canyon in the first attempt.

MidJourney, on the other hand, proves to be a bit more successful, producing an image that shares notable features with the reference photo.

Mid Journey: 7/10 | Leonardo: 5/10

While Mid Journey takes the lead in this round, it’s crucial to note that Leonardo boasts a user-friendly interface and quicker processing speed.

Leonardo generates images almost five times faster than Mid Journey, with a significant difference in speed.

Image to Image

Moving on to the image-to-image feature, we’ll assess how well both platforms interpret prompts and generate images. For this test, we use a photo of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and ask both platforms to generate an image with added elements, such as tigers, using Mid Journey’s Style Tuner for added creativity.

Mid Journey’s Style Tuner

Mi Journey’s Style Tuner allows users to craft a unique visual style and apply it to generated images. The process involves copying a provided link, incorporating it into the prompt, and commencing the image creation. The results, though not perfect, showcase a creative touch.

Leonardo AI Image to Image

Leonardo, utilizing its fine-tuned model and specific strength settings, generates images with relative ease. The process is straightforward and less complex than Mid Journey’s Style Tuner.

However, Mid Journey’s output is preferred for its creative flair.

Mid Journey: 7/10 | Leonardo: 4/10

Mid Journey emerges as the preferred choice for image-to-image generation, emphasizing its versatility and creative potential.

Logo Generation

For businesses exploring AI for logo generation, both platforms present intriguing options. Let’s put them to the test and see which one excels in crafting visually appealing logos.

Leonardo Logo Generation

Creating a logo for Leonardo involves crafting a prompt with specific design elements. The results showcase impressive logo designs, although not an exact match to the reference. Leonardo’s user-friendly interface and speed are commendable.

Mid Journey Logo Generation

Mid Journey’s logo generation process requires a specific prompt format, with options like aspect ratios and styles. The results are creative and visually appealing, showcasing unique interpretations of the prompt.

Mid Journey: 8/10 | Leonardo: 9/10

While Mid Journey proves creative and user-friendly, Leonardo takes the lead in generating logos swiftly with high quality.

Generating Realistic Humans

Exploring the platforms’ capabilities in generating realistic human images, we put them to the test with a prompt featuring Elon Musk. The aim is to assess their ability to interpret detailed prompts and produce lifelike results.

Mid Journey Realistic Human Generation

Mid Journey, utilizing detailed prompts with negative elements, manages to create a realistic image of Elon Musk. The process is intricate, requiring careful consideration of parameters.

Leonardo AI Realistic Human Generation

Leonardo, employing its fine-tuned model, generates a remarkably realistic image of Elon Musk. The process is less complex than Mid Journey’s, providing a more straightforward user experience.

Mid Journey: 8/10 | Leonardo: 9/10

Leonardo stands out in generating realistic human images, balancing simplicity and realism effectively.

Generating Consistent Characters

For those interested in creating consistent characters, whether for comics or storybooks, both platforms offer intriguing possibilities. Let’s evaluate their performance in maintaining consistency across various prompts.

MidJourney Consistent Characters

Mid Journey allows users to establish consistent characters through a straightforward process. Creating a character named Ruby and providing reference images results in a remarkably consistent look across different prompts and settings.

Leonardo AI Consistent Characters

Leonardo offers two methods for achieving character consistency. The first involves crafting detailed prompts, and the second entails training a fine-tuned model with a new dataset. While both methods show promise, Mid Journey’s approach proves more straightforward and effective.

Mid Journey: 9/10 | Leonardo: 7/10 (Method 1) | Leonardo: 5/10 (Method 2)

Mid Journey excels in generating consistent characters, providing a user-friendly and effective approach.


In conclusion, both MidJourney V6 and Leonardo AI bring unique strengths to the table. Mid Journey shines in its ability to create realistic images and consistent characters, allowing for endless experimentation.

However, MidJourney comes with a price tag starting at $10 a month. On the other hand, Leonardo AI offers free access to its platform, making it an attractive option for various projects, especially if you’re designing logos.

Consider your project’s specific requirements and your preference for simplicity or customization when choosing between MidJourney and Leonardo AI.

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