MidjourneyV6 Niji

MidJourney V6 Niji Update 2024

Today I’m thrilled to walk you through the latest and greatest update to Mid Journey – the alpha launch of Niji Version 6. This particular version introduces a powerful anime-focused algorithm, and I’m here to guide you step by step on how to access it and make the most of its features.

Accessing Niji V6 Through Mid Journey Bot

The first method to access Niji V6 is through the Mid Journey bot. It’s simple; just type “–niji 6” at the end of your prompt. Now, what’s fascinating is the visual output.

Prompt: Imagine Batman in a yellow suit enjoying a pizza in the Batcave

It’s crucial to note that this version is currently in Alpha, and features like inpainting, panning, and zooming will be available at the full launch in approximately a month.

Niji Server Access

Alternatively, you can access Niji V6 through the Niji server. If you don’t have access yet, Click here to go to Niji Discord Server. Once on the server, join an image generation channel, create an image, and react to it with an envelope emoji.

This triggers a direct message interaction with the bot. Make sure Niji Version 6 is highlighted in your settings.

Adding Text to Images

A unique feature of Niji V6 is the ability to add text to your images. Keep it simple – a word or two within quotation marks works wonders.

For instance, you can have Batman saying “niji till I die” or craft a scene with Batman enjoying an espresso latte in a cafe with a speech bubble that reads “niji till I die.”

Variation Strong: The Key to Perfecting Text

Achieving the perfect text requires a bit of finesse. Use the variation strong button after generating text to refine and enhance the results.

It’s a crucial step to get the text just right, ensuring a seamless integration into your images.

Multiple Characters in One Image

One of the standout features of Niji V6 is its ability to generate images with multiple characters seamlessly. In the past, attempting to have two characters interact would often fail.

Now, you can have Diva and Tracer from Overwatch sitting together on a bench, showcasing the immense power of this version.

Style Raw: Toning Down the Anime Aesthetic

If the default cartoonish anime aesthetic isn’t your preference, fear not. By adding “style raw” to your prompt, you can tone down the cartoonish look, offering a different visual style to your generated images.

Stylize Value: A Limited Impact

While exploring the stylize value, it’s evident that values below 100 or above 1000 don’t significantly impact the prompt.

However, stylize values around 1000 can unveil unique results. It’s a trade-off between consistency and exploration – the choice is yours.

Chaos Values: Keep it Low

Managing chaos values is essential for a smoother experience. Keep it between 0 and 6 for more controlled and visually pleasing results.

Going beyond might lead to chaotic and nonsensical outcomes, as demonstrated with chaos value 12.


In conclusion, Niji V6 is a playground for creativity and exploration. Feel free to experiment with different settings, but remember to keep chaos values in check. This quick introduction should set you on the right path to unleashing the full potential of Niji V6.