Midjourney-v6 pricing

Midjourney v6 Pricing: Choose Your Plan Wisely!

If you’re considering diving into the powerful world of Midjourney v6, you probably want to know about the MidJourney V6 pricing details. Let me walk you through the pricing plans in a simple and digestible manner.

Subscription Tiers

Midjourney v6 offers four subscription tiers to cater to different needs: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Mega. Each plan comes with its own set of features and pricing.

Let’s break it down.

PlanMonthly CostAnnual CostFast GPU TimeRelax GPU TimeMaximum Concurrent JobsStealth ModeRate Images to Earn Free GPU Time
Basic$10$96 ($8/mo)3.3 hr/month3 Jobs, 10 in queueNot Available
Standard$30$288 ($24/mo)15 hr/monthUnlimited3 Jobs, 10 in queueNot Available
Pro$60$576 ($48/mo)30 hr/monthUnlimited12 Fast Jobs, 3 Relaxed Jobs, 10 in queue
Mega$120$1152 ($96/mo)60 hr/monthUnlimited12 Fast Jobs, 3 Relaxed Jobs, 10 in queue
Source: https://docs.midjourney.com/docs/plans

Additional Details

Usage Rights: All plans come with General Commercial Terms. You can use your images freely once subscribed.

Billing: Plans can be billed monthly or yearly, with yearly plans offering a 20% discount.

Company Requirements: Companies with over $1,000,000 USD in gross revenue per year must opt for the Pro or Mega plan.

For more comprehensive information, refer to the official documentation provided by Midjourney.

How to Subscribe

You can use the /subscribe command, visit Midjourney.com/account, or select Manage Sub from the website sidebar.

Payment Methods

Midjourney accepts payments through Stripe, supporting credit or debit cards from Mastercard, VISA, or American Express. Some regions also allow Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App Pay.

Unfortunately, PayPal, wire transfer, and similar methods are not supported.

Switching Plans

Feel free to upgrade your plan anytime. Upgrades can be immediate or at the end of the billing cycle, with prorated prices available for immediate upgrades. Downgrades, however, take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

Account Information

Use the /info command to access details about your account, such as remaining Fast time, lifetime usage stats, queued or running jobs, and the subscription renewal date.


Should you need to cancel, go over to https://www.midjourney.com/account/. Cancellations become effective at the end of the current billing cycle, with benefits lasting until then, including access to the community gallery and bulk download tool.