Midjourney V6 Art of Camera Angles (Types of Shots)

Camera Angles are a very important and useful feature of MidJourney V6. Today, we’re going to explore the types of shots supported and exploring the different camera angles, viewing directions, and shot types. Understanding Camera Viewing Direction The first crucial aspect of camera control is the direction from which we view our subject. It sets … Read more

Mastering Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 has arrived and released, bringing innovation and creative possibilities for AI art and Images. This guide aims to help you with the complete knowledge and skills to master this powerful tool called Midjourney V6. MidJourney V6 Fundamentals: 1. Prompts:  The foundation of Midjourney V6 is the text prompt you provide. Mastering prompt crafting involves … Read more

Midjourney V6 Remix Images

Midjourney is the popular AI art platform, that recently released its new version V6 update, bringing a powerful new feature to the table: Remix Mode. This innovative tool allows users to dynamically modify and iterate upon their prompts, unlocking exciting possibilities for creative exploration and artistic output. What exactly is Remix Mode? In its standard … Read more