midjourney v6 prompt structure

Midjourney v6 Prompt Structure

Since Midjourney v6 arrival, Midjourney has captivated artists and creators with its ability to translate words into stunning visuals. The recent release of v6 has pushed the boundaries even further, offering incredible new capabilities and control through its improved prompt structure.

This guide will help you to get into the essential elements of writing effective prompts for Midjourney v6.

MidJourney v6 Prompt Structure Key Components:

1. Style: Set the artistic tone. Mention specific artists, art styles, or movements (e.g., “painting by Greg Rutkowski,” “Art Deco illustration”).

2. Subject: Describe the main focus of the image. Use clear and concise nouns (e.g., “a majestic lion,” “a cyberpunk cityscape”).

3. Setting: Establish the environment and context. Consider location, time of day, and weather (e.g., “ancient temple deep in the jungle,” “neon city at night”).

4. Composition: Guide the arrangement of elements. Specify perspective, framing, and focal point (e.g., “close-up portrait,” “panoramic landscape”).

5. Lighting: Define the light source and mood. Use terms like “golden hour,” “dramatic shadows,” or “soft moonlight.”

6. Details: Add specificity and personality. Describe textures, colors, emotions, or expressions (e.g., “feathery wings shimmering in the sunlight,” “a mischievous grin on the cat’s face”).

Midjourney v6 Prompt Structure

Additional Info

Details to Include: Introduce secondary objects, characters, and animals, and unveil their interactions or placement in relation to the main act. This extra info adds layers to your narrative.

MdJourney v6 offers advanced features like:

  • Atomic Prompts: Break down complex objects into smaller components for fine-grained control.
  • Text in Images: Clearly display text within the image without blurring.
  • Style Blending: Combine elements from different artistic styles for unique results.


With a basic prompt structure, Midjourney v6 is making the process smoother and more exciting. By mastering these elements and exploring the advanced features, you can explore the full potential of Midjourney v6 and create truly exceptional AI art.