Advanced MidJourney V6 Guide

In this article, I’ll be your guide to unlocking the full potential of Mid Journey Version 6, the latest and most advanced model in AI photography. We’ll explore the key differences between MidJourney V6 and its predecessor, V5.2, understand what’s new and improved, and explore how these enhancements impact your AI photography.

Turn On MidJourney V6

Before going to start this Advanced Midjourney V6 guide, you’ll need to manually enable it using the slash settings command on Discord.

Although it will become the default model in January, until then, this step is essential.

MidJourney V6 vs. V5.2:

Let’s begin our exploration with a detailed comparison between MidJourney V6 and V5.2 in terms of AI photography. We’ll analyze natural language understanding, coherence, photorealism, and accuracy of details, among other metrics.

Natural Language Understanding

The first challenge we tackle is how well MidJourney understands complex prompts. V6 showcases improvements, especially in rendering prompts with multiple characters.

While both versions exhibit competence, V6 stands out in understanding the subtleties of prompts.

Unorthodox Semantics

Next up, we throw some unconventional semantics at both models. V6 impressively portrays complex scenes, while V5 tends to morph elements. It’s a clear win for V6 in handling unusual semantics.

Challenging Semantics and Rich Descriptions

Moving on, we test the models with challenging semantics and detailed descriptions. V6 shines in providing a more realistic feel to images, although V5 excels in maintaining a certain vibe.

Both models have their strengths in this department.

World Knowledge

To evaluate world knowledge, we introduce a well-known character from the Demon Slayer universe. Both models perform admirably, but V6 demonstrates a closer resemblance to the original character.

Basic Prompts with Twists

Returning to more basic prompts, we challenge the models with twists. V6 shows significant improvement in understanding nuanced prompts, although both models face challenges in certain scenarios.

MidJourney V6 Photorealism

Now, let’s dive into the second challenge – photorealism. We’ll explore how realistic the output looks, examining three different prompts for comparison.

Accuracy of Details

Our third challenge focuses on the accuracy of details. We assess how well each model renders images with intricate elements such as hands, objects, and facial expressions.

Image-to-Image Prompt Performance

Our final challenge involves testing the performance of both models in image-to-image prompts. We use the example of Lucia from GTA 6 to evaluate the models’ loyalty to the original image and the quality of the resemblance.

Cinematic AI Photography Prompt Structure

Now that we’ve covered the comparison, let’s explore the new prompt structure introduced by MidJourney V6. This updated structure eliminates the need for unnecessary words, giving you more creative control.

Organizing Components

MidJourney V6 prompts are organized into three levels: Organisms, Molecules, and Atoms. These levels allow you to define your desired art with increasing levels of detail, providing a structured approach to prompt creation.

Ultimate Hyper-Realistic AI Photography

Let’s dive into the practical application of the new prompt structure. We’ll break down the process of defining your artwork step by step.

Foundational Level

Start with a simple prompt at the foundational level. This decision includes basic elements that already look appealing.

Secondary Level

Add secondary details like shot type, weather, film stock, camera, and emotion to enhance your prompt.

Atomic Decisions

Go deeper by making atomic decisions. Add specific details such as futuristic armor, historical attire, or even backstory to your characters.

Exploring Photography Types with MidJourney V6

Now that we understand the prompt structure, let’s explore the wide spectrum of photography types that MidJourney V6 supports.

Portrait Photography

Capture the personality and unique expressions of individuals or groups through effective use of lighting, backdrops, and poses.

Street Photography

Capture candid moments of everyday life in public spaces, offering a unique perspective on the human condition.

Product Photography

Highlight product features for commercial or advertising purposes, emphasizing detail, clarity, and appeal.

Fashion Photography

Showcase clothing and fashion items with elaborate staging and lighting to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Documentary Photography

Capture unfiltered human emotion and moments, similar to photojournalism, to illustrate and enhance stories.

Architectural Photography

Focus on capturing the beauty, symmetry, or historical significance of buildings and structures.

Landscape Photography

Capture expansive natural scenes, emphasizing the aesthetic beauty and grandeur of the environment.

Food Photography

Capture food in an appetizing and aesthetically pleasing manner, often used in various media.

Still Life Photography

Focus on capturing inanimate subjects with creative arrangement, lighting, and composition.

Low-Fi Photography

Embrace imperfections for a nostalgic, atmospheric, and often abstract aesthetic.

Fantasy Photography

Create imaginative scenes with elaborate costumes, props, and digital manipulations.

Macro Photography

Capture small subjects or details at a high magnification, revealing unseen features.

Whimsical Photography

Create playful and quirky images evoking a sense of fun, magic, and wonder.

High-Key Photography

Use bright lighting to create predominantly light-toned and positive mood images.

Low-Key Photography

Emphasize contrast with strong shadows and minimal lighting for dramatic, moody images.

Sports Photography

Capture dynamic and high-energy moments in sports, showcasing drama and athleticism.

Aerial Photography

Capture images from an elevated perspective, often from a drone, providing a unique view of landscapes or events.

Infrared Photography

Capture light beyond the visible spectrum for surreal landscapes, mentioning Kodak Aeroc Chrome for optimal results.

Night Photography

Capture images in low-light conditions using long exposures to reveal details unseen by the naked eye.

Underwater Photography

Capture images beneath the surface of the water, revealing the beauty and mystery of marine life.

Minimalist Photography

Emphasize simplicity using a minimal number of elements to create clean and uncluttered images.

Historical Photography

Capture images of historical events, artifacts, or locations to preserve or document past eras.

Mastering Subjects, Actions, and Motion

At its core, Mid Journey V6 thrives on subjects, actions, and motion. By combining these elements, we can elevate our AI photos to new heights. Let’s break down the process step by step:

1. Crafting Effective Prompts

  • Start with a simple prompt, emphasizing subjects and actions.
  • Dive deeper into molecular levels for enhanced creative control.
  • Incorporate motion keywords like “cinematic film stocks” for impactful results.
  • Experiment with photography types such as panning, long exposure, or high-speed photography.

2. Visual Style Guide

  • Explore a visual style guide for motion keywords.
  • Discover the impact of keywords like motion blur, motion trail, and Phantom high-speed camera.
  • Combine prompts with the styles of renowned action film directors for a unique vibe.

3. Camera Angles & Shots

  • MidJourney V6 excels in distinguishing keywords for various camera angles and shot types.
  • Add shot-type names to your prompts for unparalleled creative control.
  • Experiment with low angle, high angle, extreme angles, and various shot compositions.
  • Utilize panning and zoom features to enhance your shots dynamically.

Photography with Film Stocks

For those leaning towards a retro direction, Mid Journey V6 offers ways to achieve that coveted vintage look:

1. Retro Keywords

  • Add years, decades, eras, or analog photography to your prompts for a retro touch.
  • Combine with cinematic keywords for a perfect blend of old-school and modern aesthetics.

2. Impactful Film Stocks

  • Explore the visual comparison of different film stocks with strong retro vibes.
  • Pause and analyze the impact of Kodak, Kodak portra, AA Vista, and more.
  • Understand the subtle differences in the final image based on chosen film stocks.

Decoding the Influence of Cameras

Addressing the confusion around camera choices in prompts, we’ll explore how different cameras impact the final image:

1. Cinematic Cameras

  • Compare the output of photography cameras, with a focus on cinematic ones.
  • Uncover the subtle yet impactful differences in color and style based on the preferred camera type.
  • Appreciate the nuances of cinematic tones from cameras like Alexa, Arriflex, Black Magic, and Max MSM.

MidJourney Lighting Techniques

Understanding the profound role of lighting in photography is crucial. MidJourney V6 empowers us to control the relationship between light sources and subjects:

1. Natural Light Sources

  • Use keywords for different times of the day and weather conditions.
  • Explore the impact of artificial lighting sources, including medium lights, candles, torches, and more.
  • Understand directional lighting techniques such as lowkey, highkey, split, butterfly, and rim lighting.

2. Advanced Lighting Methods

  • You can see the advancements in natural language understanding for controlling light source relationships.
  • Dive into keywords for specific weather conditions and artificial lighting sources.
  • Explore directional lighting techniques and their application in Mid Journey V6.

Fashion, Style, and Materials

MidJourney V6 takes fashion and style to new heights by allowing detailed descriptions of outfits, styles, and materials:

1. Fashion Elements

  • Describe specific garments, and styles, or break down outfits into smaller components.
  • Experiment with distinctive fashion styles like boho, punk, steampunk, Kawai, and more.

2. Iconic Brands and Materials

  • Recognize the visual distinctiveness of iconic fashion brands.
  • Explore keywords for materials such as reflective, translucent, fur, cotton, velvet, and more.

Expressing Emotion and Adding Life to Your Photos

MidJourney V6 brings improvement in reflecting emotions and incorporating expressive elements:

1. Emotion Keywords

  • Infuse emotions into your photos by describing your character’s mood.
  • Create a mood for the entire image by incorporating emotion as a separate element.

2. Hand Expressions

  • Discover the significance of hands in storytelling and expressing emotions.
  • Combine emotion elements with hands for more expressive and impactful compositions.

Writing Text on Images: A New Feature

A noteworthy addition to Mid Journey V6 is the ability to write text on images. This feature is especially useful for product photography:

Adding Text to Images

  • Enhance your product photography by adding text to your prompts within quotation marks.


MidJourney V6 is the newer version released of MidJourney, from improved natural language understanding to enhanced photorealism and accuracy of details. By mastering the new prompt structure exploring various photography types, and building a cinematic universe like never before. Whether you’re into portrait photography, street photography, or fantasy photography.