Midjourney V6 Alpha Release is Live: All you need to know

I’m Jen, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting news from Midjourney. On December 21st, 2023 Midjourney released the latest version V6, and it’s packed with features that promise to elevate our AI art to new heights. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Midjourney’s V6 Alpha release, exploring its capabilities and comparing it to its predecessor, Dall-E 3.

Alpha release: The latest Midjourney V6 is improved in text generation, Image quality, pattern, and accuracy in comparison to Version 5.

Midjourney Alpha Release is Live

To get started with the V6 experience, you’ll need to activate it. Fortunately, this process is straightforward.

Simply type “/settings” in the message bar and choose Version 6 from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, add “–v 6” after your prompt, and you’re good to go. For those with over 10,000 images, the Alpha website is the go-to platform to access Version 6.

AI ToolMidJourney
CategoryAI Image Generator
Launch DateDecember 21, 2023
Release TypeAlpha

Midjourney Alpha Version 6 Testing Out

Version 6 boasts improvements in prompt understanding. It aims to better grasp and follow your instructions, offering a potential alternative to Dall-E 3.

Let’s test its abilities with a variety of prompts.

1. Testing the Waters

I decided to throw a challenging prompt at Version 6: “Time travel and dinosaurs.” The result? An astonishingly beautiful photo of penguins.

While captivating, it seems Midjourney only tackled the easy part of the prompt. Let’s explore further.

2. A Dive into Realism

Simplifying the prompt, I was astounded by the realism in the images, especially with cats smoking cigarettes. The attention to detail from fur to paws, showcased the impressive capabilities of Version 6.

3. Coherence Testing

However, when faced with more complex prompts, like an octopus playing the piano, Version 6 struggled to fully comprehend the request. Dall-E 3 outperformed in these instances, highlighting a potential area for improvement.

4. Human Anatomy in Focus

Zooming in on human anatomy particularly faces and hands, Version 6 demonstrated notable enhancements. Diversity in image grids and well-formed faces and hands reflected the strides made in capturing realistic features.

Prompting Text in Midjourney Alpha release

Accurate text rendering has been a sought-after feature in MidJourney. Version 6 steps into the arena, offering improved text quality.

While not perfect, it presents a significant jump forward, competing with Dall-E 3 in this domain.

Image Prompting & Blending in V6

The process of image prompting and blending received mixed reviews. While the text improved, the effectiveness of image prompting remained uncertain.

Testing with YouTube thumbnails and random prompts provided insights into the AI’s interpretation of randomness.

Version 6 Tools

Exploring the tools in Version 6, we discovered new UPS scalers – subtle and creative. These tools double the image size, with subtle maintaining fidelity and creativity introducing varied changes. Despite some tools still in development, Version 6 presents a promising array of parameters for creative exploration.

Content Standards in V6

Addressing content standards, Version 6 impressed with minimal blocked prompts. Testing with explicit content revealed its robust filtering system, ensuring a safer and more controlled AI art creation environment.


In conclusion, Midjourney’s V6 Alpha release marks a significant advancement in realistic photograph generation. However, challenges persist in handling complex language prompts and diverse artistic styles. As an alpha test, constant improvements are expected, addressing speed and cost concerns.