MidJourney V6 SREF Random Styles + (Prompt Examples)

MidJourney has recently introduced a fascinating feature called SREF Random, which allows users to explore a vast array of styles by applying random style codes to their prompts.

These styles can significantly alter the visual output, providing endless possibilities for creativity. I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with these style codes and have curated a collection of my favorites.

In this article, I’ll share ten of these styles and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use them in your own prompts.

Understanding SREF Random

SREF Random is a feature in MidJourney that assigns a random style code to your prompt, resulting in images with unique visual aesthetics.

Each style is identified by a specific code, which you can reuse to achieve consistent results.

What is SREF in MidJourney?

In MidJourney, “SREF” stands for Style Reference. It’s a parameter that allows users to apply a specific style to their image prompts. By including an SREF code in a prompt, users can generate images with a consistent visual aesthetic defined by that code.

How to Use SREF Codes?

To use an SREF code in your prompt, simply include the style reference parameter followed by the SREF code number at the end of your prompt.

For example:

/imagine prompt: flowers --style_ref 12345

The SREF code interacts with the words in your prompt, so the final image will be a blend of the style and the subject described.

10 Random SREF Styles:

Here are ten SREF styles that I have found particularly intriguing. Each style comes with a unique aesthetic and can be used to create a wide range of images.

1. Vintage Realism –sref 0

  • Description: Photorealistic to hyperrealistic oil paintings with a gritty, vintage aesthetic.
  • Prompts: Simple prompts like “flowers,” “bird,” and “car” create vintage oil paintings, while adding “photo” results in a photographic image.
Vintage Realism --sref 0

2. Introspective Reverie –sref 1930230649

  • Description: Photographic and monotone images with occasional pops of color, resembling aged black and white magazines.
  • Prompts: Suitable for creating wistful, atmospheric images with a vintage look.
Introspective Reverie --sref 1930230649

3. Uncanny Organic Invasion –sref 1754998710

  • Description: Hyperrealistic, post-apocalyptic images with dark green and orange tones.
  • Prompts: Often includes tendrils and vines, perfect for creating dark, strange visuals.
Uncanny Organic Invasion --sref 1754998710

4. Teal Surrealscapes –sref 742258887

  • Description: A blend of photographic hyperrealism and surrealism with dominating teal and reddish-orange colors.
  • Prompts: Adjusting style weight can make the images more or less stylized.
Teal Surrealscapes --sref

5. Tapestry Mosaic –sref 4190799396

  • Description: Warm, antique mosaic style that gives an old-world, painterly look.
  • Prompts: Consistent across different subjects, ideal for creating reference photos for paintings.
Tapestry Mosaic --sref

6. Luminous Fantasy –sref 2764513718

  • Description: Bright, colorful style leaning into digital art and 3D, dominated by blues and reds.
  • Prompts: Creates whimsical, animated movie-like scenes; can also produce photographic images.
Luminous Fantasy --sref 2764513718

7. Vectorial Expressionism –sref 3479537113

  • Description: Minimal style with orange, blue, and gray colors, combining abstract shapes with photorealistic elements.
  • Prompts: Produces interesting combinations, such as photorealistic objects in abstract landscapes.
Vectorial Expressionism --sref 3479537113

8. Particle Black –sref 4010389984

  • Description: Dark, moody style with blacks and shades of blue, featuring speckles and deep shadows.
  • Prompts: Ideal for creating otherworldly, atmospheric images, beautiful even at lower style weights.
Particle Black --sref 4010389984

9. Tangerine Techno –sref 917781747

  • Description: Mixes retro futurism, vintage, and sci-fi with a dominant orange color.
  • Prompts: Versatile style for a variety of subjects, especially those that benefit from a vibrant orange hue.
Tangerine Techno --sref 917781747

10. Muted Whimsy –sref 3056698400

  • Description: Fine-lined illustrations or photographic images with muted, desaturated green and red tones.
  • Prompts: Adds a whimsical element to images, great for visual storytelling.
Muted Whimsy --sref 3056698400

More Random SREF Styles

If ten styles aren’t enough, I’ve made these plus ten more available for free download. Each SREF style code page includes several example images and keywords describing the style.


I hope you find these SREF styles as exciting and inspiring as I do. Your support is greatly appreciated. Let me know in the comments which styles are your favorites and if you’d like to see more videos with random styles.