Midjourney v6 Reflections Guide

Sometimes, we want diverse reflections in our images, and Midjourney v6 can assist us in achieving reflections such as mirrors, water, or glass windows. These reflections make AI images more realistic and provide increased contrast and detail to the images. This article will guide you on how to create reflections in images using Midjourney v6, and you will also learn about the types of reflections available to you.

MidJourney v6 Basic Surfaces:


The classic reflectors in Midjourney v6 capture intricate details with exceptional precision. Imagine a portrait reflected in a baroque mirror, where its ornate details are replicated flawlessly. The magic lies in the seamless duplication of the reflected scene, creating a captivating visual experience.


Rivers, lakes, and even puddles now come to life with the mesmerizing dance of sunlight and ripples. Picture a majestic mountain reflected in a still lake, its peak stretching towards a vibrant sunset. Midjourney v6 renders not only the reflection but also the subtle distortions and imperfections inherent in real water.

Glass Windows:

Peering through crystal-clear windows reveals landscapes with captivating clarity. Midjourney v6 excels in rendering not just the reflection but also the subtle distortions and imperfections found in real glass. The result is a breathtaking display of transparency and reflection.

Types of Reflections:

As an artist and Midjourney user, incorporating intriguing reflective surfaces adds realism and visual complexity to generative work.

In previous versions (5.2, 5.1), Midjourney struggled with creating accurate mirrored images.

midjourney v6 reflection
Image Credit: https://twitter.com/ciguleva

However, v6 introduces new sophistication through various reflectors:

1. Mirrors:

See mirrors work their magic, now copying tiny details with Midjourney v6.

2. Water:

Watch water in your digital scenes shimmer like the real thing – rivers, lakes, and more getting that natural watery look.

3. Glass Windows:

Look through windows and lenses made of sheet glass – now they’re better at being see-through and reflecting stuff.

4. Glossy Tables:

Midjourney gives tables a special shine, making wood and lacquer look reflective and fancy.

5. Shiny Tiles:

Tiles made of ceramic, metal, or stone act like little mirrors, making your digital surroundings look cool.

6. Car Windows:

Cars in your digital world now have tinted windows and shiny chrome that bounce back what’s around them – like a real car.

7. Polished Metal:

Shiny metals like brushed aluminum, steel, or chrome now reflect light super realistically in Midjourney v6.

8. Acrylic Sheets:

Transparent plastic sheets (like acrylic) in your digital designs mimic the look of glassy mirrors, adding a touch of style.


In conclusion, Midjourney v6’s reflections transcend the ordinary, opening up new possibilities for digital artists and designers. With its enhanced accuracy and attention to detail, this version brings a level of sophistication that truly reflects the beauty of the world around us.