Midjourney V6 Tips and Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide

Today, I want to share the important tips and tricks of Midjourney V6 for beginners. If you’ve been curious about this latest model V6 and how to make the most of it, you’re in the right place.

Getting Started with Midjourney V6

The first step is to check your settings by typing “/settings” to see which model is currently active. Alternatively, you can specify V6 by adding “–V6” or “v6.0” at the end of your prompt.

Midjourney V6 settings

This choice depends on whether you want it as the default for all your prompts or prefer to specify it each time. Stick to the default version if you’re unsure.

Midjourney V6 alpha model

Mastering Aspect Ratios

Now, let’s dive into some of the key arguments that can be used with V6.

The aspect ratio, represented by the argument “–ar,” allows you to control the shape of your generated image.

Midjourney V6 aspect ratio

The default ratio is 1:1, producing an image of 124 by 124 pixels.

Midjourney V6 aspect ratio

You can experiment with wider or taller ratios, but keep in mind that altering the aspect ratio may elongate the image in one direction while reducing its size in the other.

Aspect ratios have been a challenge in previous versions, so it’s great that V6 introduces this feature without limitations.

Navigating Grid Buttons

Once you’ve prompted your image in V6, you’ll encounter a menu under the generated image in Discord with nine buttons.

Midjourney V6 discord buttons

Familiarize yourself with these buttons for various functions:

  • U1 to U4: Upscaling options without changing the image size.
  • Refresh Button: Rerolls the same prompt for another attempt.
  • V1 to V4: For obtaining variations of an image you like.
  • Heart Button: Sets the rating of the image on Midjourney’s website to the highest.
  • Web Button: This takes you to the image on Midjourney’s website for further actions.

Understanding these buttons is crucial for efficiently working with your generated images.

Upscaling Tips

Moving on to upscaling, V6 currently offers two options: Subtle and Creative. Both options provide a 248×248 pixels image. The Subtle option aims to preserve the original, while the Creative option may introduce some changes.

Midjourney V6 upscaling

Additionally, you can explore the Very Subtle and Very Strong buttons for more variation.

The heart button serves to organize and highlight your favorite images on Midjourney’s website. The web button provides direct access to your image on the site.

Tips for Zooming Out

One current limitation in V6 is the absence of pan, zoom, or VAR region options. Controlling the desired framing of an image has become a bit trickier. Experiment with negative prompting, such as specifying “–no closeup,” to zoom out a bit. Playing with aspect ratios, particularly taller ratios, can also provide more room for creating a complete body in the images.

Midjourney V6 negative prompting

While we miss the pan and zoom features from previous versions, you can still achieve desired results by experimenting with detailed prompts, like specifying the type of shoes a person is wearing.

Midjourney V6 image


That wraps up our exploration of Midjourney V6 for beginners. Here, you’ll dive into more advanced features and their functionalities. There’s so much to discover and figure out with V6, and if you have any tips or findings to share, drop them in the comments below.