MidJourney V6 vs DALLE-3 in Text Prompt Graphic Design

MidJourney V6 vs DALL-E 3: AI-driven graphic design, creators are constantly seeking tools that not only produce visually appealing results but also accurately interpret and implement given prompts.

In this article, I will delve into a face-off between two prominent AI graphic design tools, MidJourney V6 and DALLE-3, specifically focusing on their performance in responding to text prompts.

The comparison is based on the results obtained from nine different print-on-demand scenarios.

Round 1: Cheese the Day Cartoon Style

In the initial round, both MidJourney and DALLE-3 were tasked with creating a cartoon-style image featuring various cheese characters. MidJourney displayed vibrant colors and an artistic vibe, deviating from the specified cartoon style. However, the spelling accuracy was a significant drawback, with words like “carp Brie-um” and “Bri carpet” appearing randomly.

On the other hand, DALLE-3 adhered closely to the prompt, showcasing joyful and playful cheese characters.

The spelling accuracy was commendable, with the phrase “cheese the day” rendered correctly. MidJourney’s aesthetic appeal, DALL-E 3 secured this round with its commitment to the specified parameters and accurate text representation.

Round 2: Quality Gains Koala Flat Design

In round two, the prompt involved creating a 2D flat design featuring a koala lifting a massive dumbbell with the text “quality gains.” Mid Journey presented two contrasting graphics – one adhering to flat design and the other incorporating detailed elements.

While the spelling was accurate, the deviation from the flat design was evident.

DALLE-3, on the other hand, crafted a more fitting representation of a koala working out, with the dumbbells looking visually appealing.

A misspelling in the text, DALLE-3’s commitment to the prompt and overall design secured this round, making it a challenging decision for the evaluator.

Round 3: Messy Hair Bun Stylish Girl

In the third round, the complexity increased with a detailed prompt for a 2D flat color drawing of a stylish girl with a messy bun hairstyle, wearing a bandana and sunglasses.

Both MidJourney and DALLE-3 showcased distinct styles, with Mid Journey leaning towards a more detailed and artistic portrayal, while DALLE-3 opted for a simpler, cartoonish approach.

Spelling accuracy favored DALLE-3, with both “mom of a warrior” instances correctly spelled.

MidJourney V6 struggled with text representation, making DALLE-3 the winner of this round due to its adherence to the prompt and superior spelling accuracy.

Round 4: Pizza and Beer Flat 2D Cartoon Graphic

In a simpler prompt for a flat 2D cartoon graphic of a pizza and beer, Mid Journey and DALLE-3 took different approaches. MidJourney’s design, while not entirely cartoonish, exhibited visually appealing aesthetics and accurate spelling.

However, DALLE-3’s cartoon-themed graphic, although more fitting, suffered from spelling inaccuracies in the word “beer.”

Mid Journey’s deviation from the cartoon style, its correct spelling, and overall design made it the winner of this round, showcasing the importance of a balanced approach between prompt adherence and visual appeal.

Round 5: Colorful Vector Illustration – Wise Owl Wisdom

The fifth round introduced a colorful vector illustration prompt for a comical owl wearing glasses with the text “Wise Owl Wisdom.” Mid Journey embraced a vintage, textured style, while DALLE-3 prioritized vibrant colors and a more contemporary look.

Spelling accuracy favored both tools, with “Wise Owl Wisdom” correctly rendered.

The decision between the vintage appeal of Mid Journey and the colorful vibrancy of DALLE-3 came down to personal preference, making this round a subjective call.

Round 6: Vaporwave-Themed Raccoon Design

In the sixth round, the prompt called for a vaporwave-themed t-shirt design featuring a raccoon wearing sunglasses with the text “I eat trash.” MidJourney showcased intricate details, while DALLE-3 opted for a simpler, more suitable design for print-on-demand.

A spelling error in DALLE-3’s result, its cleaner and more straightforward design earned it the victory in this round. The decision reflected the importance of adaptability and simplicity in creating marketable designs for print-on-demand.

Round 7: Avocado Holding AO Nice Day Sign

The seventh round involved creating a flat vector graphic of an avocado holding a sign with the text “AO nice day.” Both Mid Journey and DALLE-3 presented visually pleasing designs, with Mid Journey’s deviation being the size of the text.

Mid Journey’s unique style, DALLE-3’s more readable text and simplistic design made it the winner of this round, emphasizing the significance of legibility in print on demand graphics.

Round 8: Good Vibes Only Typography Design

Round eight featured a Good Vibes Only typography design with a rough, distressed font. Mid Journey applied the distressed look effectively, while DALLE-3 presented an experimental style that, while cool, compromised text legibility.

The decision leaned towards Mid Journey due to its cohesive implementation of the distressed font and overall aesthetics. This round highlighted the delicate balance between experimental design and practicality.

Round 9: Vintage Distressed Surfboard Graphic

In the final round, both tools were tasked with creating a vintage distressed graphic design featuring a surfboard with the text “Dad who loves surfing.” Mid Journey’s interpretation included surfboards in the sea within a square frame, while DALLE-3 embraced the vintage sunset design style.

A minor misspelling in DALLE-3’s result, its more marketable vintage design secured the victory in this round. This emphasized the importance of understanding the market preferences and tailoring designs accordingly.


In this comprehensive comparison between Mid Journey V6 and DALLE-3, both AI graphic design tools demonstrated their unique strengths and weaknesses. While Mid Journey showcased an ability to generate aesthetically pleasing designs quickly, DALLE-3 excelled in adhering to prompt specifications and creating simpler, more marketable graphics for print on demand.

Ultimately, the winner between MidJourney and DALLE-3 depends on individual preferences and the specific requirements of a design project.