How To Stylize Selfies & Portraits In Midjourney AI

Stylizing Selfies & Portraits with MidJourney

Talking selfies and portraits has become a popular form of self expression. By using MidJourney, we can stylize the selfies and portraits.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of stylizing your selfies and portraits using MidJourney in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1: Selecting Your Image

The first step in stylizing your selfies and portraits is to find a nice image that you want to work with. Whether it’s a selfie or a portrait, choose an image.

Step 2: Access MidJourney Bot Channel

Once you have selected your image, navigate to your MidJourney Bot Channel. Ensure that you have selected Niji version 5 for optimal performance.

Midjourney AI NIJI Version

Step 3: Automatic Description

Use the “describe” command in the channel by typing “/describe” and pressing enter. MidJourney will prompt you to upload your selected image.

Midjourney AI describe image

Upload the image and press enter.

Midjourney Upload Image

MidJourney will then automatically generate descriptions of your image using AI.

Step 4: Generating Images

After generating descriptions, you will see numbered buttons underneath each description.

Midjourney Select description

Click on the numbered button that corresponds to the description you prefer. Each button represents a different description generated by the AI.

Step 5: Adding Expressive Style

Click on the “generate” button after selecting your preferred description. A prompt will pop up asking you to confirm.

Midjourney copy description prompt

Make sure to add “–style expressive” at the end of your prompt to generate the expressive Niji Style.

Step 6: Saving Images

Once the images are generated, select and upscale the images that you like the best. It’s important to pick images that have a cartoony anime style, as these tend to produce the best results.

Midjourney niji save image

Save the upscaled images to your computer by clicking on the “web” button and selecting “yes” in the pop-up window.

Step 7: Blending Images

Now that you have saved the generated images, it’s time to blend them with the original selfie or portrait.

Use the “blend” command by typing “/blend” into the channel and pressing enter.

Upload your original selfie in the first image box and the saved Niji generated image in the second image box.

Press enter, and MidJourney will combine the two images together, resulting in a stylized selfie or portrait.

Midjourney v6 stylize selfies


Stylizing selfies and portraits with MidJourney AI is a simple yet effective way to enhance your images. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can transform your ordinary selfies and portraits into stunning works of art.