Midjourney V6 vs V5

MidJourney has recently launched their version 6, better at the photo realistic images, skin textures, and now this will follow your longer prompts more accurately. So, we’re going to compare the MidJourney version 5.2 and version 6 side by side to see the actual improvements in it.

Major Updates Of Midjourney V6

On the Discord server, and these are some announcements from the Mid Journey regarding the version 6. Now, this can follow the prompts more accurately.

  • Improved text accuracy, especially for longer prompts.
  • Enhanced model coherence and knowledge.
  • Improved image prompting and remix capabilities.
  • Introduction of two new upscaling options: Creative and Subtle.

Activating Version 6

To activate the version six, users simply need to navigate to the settings on their Discord server and select the appropriate option. Alternatively, typing “/V6” to initiate the upgraded version.

Testing Realistic Images

We initiated our comparison by generating realistic images using both V5.2 and V6. Notable differences emerged in the quality and realism of images:

  • V6 showcased significant improvements in color selection, skin texture, and overall realism.
  • Images generated by V5.2 appeared smoother but lacked the depth and authenticity of V6’s outputs.

Prompt Accuracy

A rigorous test of prompt accuracy reveals the prowess of version six in comprehending complex prompts. Despite some minor inconsistencies, version six demonstrates a commendable ability to interpret detailed prompts accurately, surpassing its predecessor in delivering on specified criteria.

Generating Text in Images

Transitioning to text generation within images, version six excels in incorporating text seamlessly into generated images, showcasing a marked improvement over version 5.2.

The clarity and integration of text elements affirm the advancements made in this aspect of Mid Journey’s technology.

Subtle Upscale vs. Creative Upscale

Introducing two new upscaling versions, Subtle Upscale and Creative Upscale, Mid Journey expands its repertoire of image enhancement techniques.

While both versions exhibit enhancements in image quality, the Creative Upscale stands out for maintaining finer details and preserving natural textures, reflecting MidJourney’s commitment to continuous improvement.


MidJourney version 6 marks a significant milestone in AI-generated image synthesis, offering unparalleled realism and accuracy. With improvements across various parameters, including text generation and prompt interpretation, users can expect a smoother and more intuitive experience.