Midjourney V6 Commands List

Midjourney V6 introduces a powerful array of commands designed to enhance your experience within the Midjourney Discord server. From asking questions to generating unique images and managing preferences, these commands cater to a variety of user needs. In this article, we’ll explore into the functionality and usage of each Midjourney V6 command.

MidJourney V6 Commands List:

1. /ask

The /ask command allows users to seek answers to their questions. Simply input your query, and Midjourney will provide a response, making it a quick and efficient way to gather information.


/ask What is the capital of France?

2. /blend

With the /blend command, users can seamlessly merge two images together. This feature is perfect for creating artistic compositions or experimenting with visual concepts.


/blend image1.jpg image2.jpg

3. /daily_theme

Toggle notification pings for updates in the #daily-theme channel using the /daily_theme command. This ensures you stay informed about the latest themes and prompts in the designated channel.


/daily_theme toggle

4. /docs

The /docs command generates a quick link to topics covered in the official Midjourney Discord server user guide. Access essential information with ease.



5. /describe

Upload an image and let Midjourney create four example prompts based on it using the /describe command. This is a valuable tool for generating creative ideas.


/describe upload_image.jpg

6. /faq

Access frequently asked questions about prompt crafting in the official Midjourney Discord server by using the /faq command. Obtain quick links to popular FAQs.



7. /fast

Switch to Fast mode instantly with the /fast command. This feature optimizes the processing speed, ensuring a quicker turnaround for your requests.



8. /help

The /help command provides fundamental information and tips about the Midjourney Bot. It serves as a handy reference for both newcomers and experienced users.



9. /imagine

Generate captivating images based on a given prompt using the /imagine command. Unleash your creativity with this innovative feature.


/imagine "A mysterious forest at dusk"

10. /info

Retrieve detailed information about your account, including any queued or running jobs, using the /info command.



11. /prefer

Create or manage custom options for your preferences with the /prefer command. Tailor your experience to suit your individual needs.


/prefer option create "Preferred Style"

12. /public

For Pro Plan Subscribers, the /public command switches to Public Mode, allowing you to share your creations with a wider audience.



13. /relax

Ease into a more relaxed experience with the /relax command. This mode is perfect for those looking to enjoy Midjourney at a slower pace.



14. /remix

Toggle Remix mode with the /remix command, adding a dynamic twist to your creative process.


/remix toggle

15. /settings

View and adjust the Midjourney Bot’s settings using the /settings command. Customize your experience to align with your preferences.



16. /shorten

Submit a lengthy prompt and receive suggestions on how to make it more concise with the /shorten command.


/shorten "Write a detailed description of a bustling city at night."

17. /show

Regenerate a job within Discord using the /show command and an image’s Job ID.


/show job_id

18. /stealth

For Pro Plan Subscribers, the /stealth command switches to Stealth Mode, providing a more discreet user experience.



19. /subscribe

Generate a personal link for a user’s account page with the /subscribe command.



20. /tune

Create a Style Tuner based on your prompt using the /tune command. Customize the look of your jobs and develop your unique Midjourney style.


/tune "Create a vibrant and energetic scene."

21. /turbo

Experience enhanced processing speed by switching to Turbo mode with the /turbo command.



By mastering these commands, users can unlock the full potential of Midjourney V6, transforming their creative endeavors and interactions within the Discord server.