Midjourney v6 Style Tuner


Today, I’m thrilled to share a game-changing feature that has revolutionized my creative process – the Midjourneyv6 Style Tuner. Let’s dive into the details of this incredible tool that allows you to customize the style tuner of your Midjourney v6 images in unprecedented ways.

Getting Started with Style Tuner

To start on your creative journey, use the /tune command to kickstart the creation of your Style Tuner page.

Choose Your Preferences

  1. Style Directions: Decide the number of image pairs (16, 32, 64, or 128) you want to view.
  2. Default Mode: Select between Default or Raw style mode based on your usual usage of the --style raw parameter.

Launch Your Job

Click ‘Submit’ and confirm to start generating images, utilizing your Fast GPU time for optimal results.

Access Your Style Tuner

Once the images are generated, open the link sent by the Midjourney Bot in a direct message to view your personalized Style Tuner.

Select Images

Choose your preferred image from each pair or leave the middle box empty if you’re undecided.

Obtain Your Custom Code

Copy the generated --style parameter from the bottom of the page – this code will be the key to tailoring the appearance of your future projects.

Bringing Your Creations to Life

Create an Image in Discord

Use the /imagine command with your copied prompt and --style parameter to bring your customized image to life in Discord.

Enhance your image further with Midjourney tools such as Upscale, Pan, Zoom-Out, Remix, or Vary-Region.

Exploration and Experimentation

Apply your style code to different prompts and experiment with various combinations to discover unique visual themes.

Preserve and Reapply Your Codes

Use the /settings command to activate Sticky Style for saving your last --style parameter. Store favorite codes in custom options or organize them in your own Discord server.

Community Interaction

Exchange your Style Tuner settings and codes with others to foster a creative community, sharing and experimenting with a myriad of visual themes.

Don’t miss out on the fun – try the Style Tuner here and start on a visual adventure that’s bound to spark your creativity.


In conclusion, the Midjourney v6 Style Tuner is a powerhouse of creativity, offering not just a tool but a community-driven experience that opens doors to unique visual styles. So, dive in, explore, and share your creative journey with the world.